Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Update on Michigan War on Women

Quick update: Planned Parenthood called me to let me know the Michigan House of Representatives is voting on HB 5711, 5712, and 5713. As far as I can tell, we're getting hit with provisions for preventing coercion, restricting teleconferencing used to prescribe RU-486 to physically remote patients, and the fetal pain provision.  I especially enjoyed (if you can call it that) subsection (11) in HB 5711, which provides the requirement for doctors to show the women pictures and descriptions of the fetus and describe the medical procedure, etc.

 Did anyone catch any others? There's so much to wade through to even find the changes and I'm finding too many contradictory claims on other blogs/websites to want to re-post any of it.

Anyway, if you read this anytime soon, feel free to call your representatives or to contact Speaker of the Michigan House Jase Bolger at JaseBolger@house.mi.gov or 517-373-1787. I left him a helpful message asking him to make sure he supports women in the future and that he helps protect women from harmful legislation such as this.

In case you were wondering if he supports women right now, I'd encourage you to take a look at his page on VoteSmart. (Spoiler alert: he doesn't.)

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  1. Quick link to Planned Parenthood's analysis of the bills. http://miplannedparenthood.org/page/details-house-bills-5711-5713